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My name is Sarah Schmolke and I have created something special with Maggie Ellis. It has been years in the making, deriving from my grandparents and my love for all things paper. I've got a 1912 C&P letterpress in my garage, a degree in graphic design, and a head full of wild ideas!


My grandparents, John Ellis and Margarete Alice White graciously guided me through my primary years. I spent heaps of time with them unknowingly learning my core values; honesty, patience, compassion, and creativity. They allowed my imagination to run free while supporting every project I could dream up. I tried things across the spectrum; from domestic projects like baking cakes, making popcorn balls, or sewing a mountain of hair scrunchies, to more adventurous things like fishing at the lake, or making napkin holders out in the woodshop. Looking back I have to laugh - how did I not drive them mad? The amount of patience they had was incredible. So taking their initials, M- from Maggie and E- from Ellis, I get "me".

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